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Your Goals And The Wheel Of Life

One useful tool for goal setting is to try to imagine the modern wheel of life as it applies itself to you. The wheel of life lets you know how you are doing in all the areas of life and can help you build a sense of purpose which rests on balancing your goals. What this means is that the wheel of life can be a useful visualization exercise which can be a powerful tool for achieving purpose and balance in your life. The wheel of life depicted as a pie can bring a power of purpose which can lead you to motivation and success.

A sense of purpose is a sense of certainty about something or a strong belief that can make us act. When we say that someone has a sense of purpose, we usually mean that the person has a drive which can propel them into action. It’s no accident that those people with the greatest sense of purpose often accomplish the most. A powerful sense of purpose is like a sharp sword: it cuts right through lethargy, passivity, and obstacles which are in your way. If you have a strong sense of purpose then all your life’s resources, such as some of your talents and your education, can go towards accomplishing your goals.

Purpose motivates you but it also can provide you with a sharp focus that can prevent you from becoming distracted and wasting away your time and energy. In many ways your purpose, which is the center of your wheel of life, is the key to your entire wheel of life but most people take no time to define their purpose and make no effort to coordinate their wheel of life. Many people set their monthly, daily, and weekly goals, and usually do achieve them, but their goals are scattered and do not lead to larger goals or a real sense of satisfaction.

Having a wheel of life with a purpose at its core is like having a well-developed road map with a final destination in your view. As you continue along the road, all shorter-term goals will move you closer to your larger goal. With a strong purpose at the center of it, your wheel of life works together. And as you move towards your major purpose, and the goals connected with it, each area of your life will grow and will be strengthened.

Having a purpose and goals will make your wheel of life complete. It can let you see what you are headed towards and why. It can also let you know whether all areas of your life are proceeding the way they should. Goal setting is crucial so that you can combine all of the aspects of your wheel of life and eventually achieve your dreams.

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