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Setting Family Goals Part 2

2. Identify the Obstacles that May Prevent You From Achieving the Goal

After you've set your goal, make a list of things that may threaten the successful achievement of the goal and what you can do to remove those threats.

For example, are you and your spouse or child fighting over some of these goals? Write down ALL of the obstacles that you feel may prevent you from reaching your goal.

This is a particularly magical part of goal setting because it takes all of the obstacles that seemed so huge before and reduces them to a little letter that form words on a piece of paper. Once the obstacles are clearly defined, they are more often than not, easily solved.


3. Identify the Things You Need to Help You Achieve the Goal

After you've identified the obstacles, make a written list of the things you will need in order to achieve your goal.

This list should also include the people whose cooperation can help you work toward your goal. Some of the items on this list may include some things that will represent solutions to the problems you wrote down earlier.


4. Set a Date for the Achievement of Your Goal

Setting a date for the attainment of your goal is the ignition for the goal-seeking missile in your mind. Make sure that your date is realistic, not so soon that it's impossible, but not so delayed that it's not interesting.

Make sure you write the date of your goal down next to your goal. Once you've set this date, you should never change it unless it is absolutely necessary.


5. Write Down the Goal - Review it Often.

Once you have your goal and the date in writing, make more reminders of your goal. Put these reminders all around your house, your car, your bathroom.

They will remind you of your goal and the date that the goal will be achieved by, and each time you see this information you will be programming your mind to take action toward your goal. This is an important step. Write it down! Review it often!


6. Make a Step-By-Step Plan

First, let's review: You know what you want and you know you want it badly.

You have identified the problems you need to remove before you can achieve your goal and you know whose help and cooperation you will need. You know the date for the attainment of the goal.

Now, make a step-by-step action plan. Write down every little thing, no matter how small, that you must do in order to reach your goal.

Break the project into the tiniest of pieces... If you have a complicated list, jot down all the ideas that come to mind and then put them in date sequence later.

If necessary, number them and then type them into a word processor or re-write them in date sequence. Each item should also have a deadline for accomplishment so you can see you're on target along the way.

This is an important part of your goal achievement so don't cut corners on your plan, especially if it is a complicated goal or there are a lot of obstacles to overcome.


7. Follow Your Plan

This is the fun part, because after you've set and hit your first goal, you'll know that all you have to do to achieve your goal is to follow your plan!

Review your plan every single day. Work on something on your list every single day.

Stay on schedule. Don't fall behind. Review your goal and the deadline. Mark off items off the list as you accomplish them.

You can't control every aspect of your future, of course, but you will be surprised how many things you really can control with these effective goal-setting techniques.

This is a great way to get the family working together doing something positive that is for the benefit of all. If nothing else it will give you all the time spent together to achieve one or more goals and you will definitely be together.

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