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The 'Quantum Leap' Approach to Goal Setting

One approach to goal setting for yourself and other people is the 'Quantum Leap' approach. This tries to force intense activity by setting a goal that will need a 'quantum leap' in activity to achieve it.

This is a dangerous technique that should be used with a great deal of care. It is very easy for the whole process of goal setting to fall into problems where quantum leap goals are not met.

Similarly if you are really not convinced that a goal is attainable, you will not put effort into achieving it. Doesn’t all of this sound repetitious!

Business managers using this approach should take care that they are not shot down by someone that is firmly requesting information on how a quantum leap goal should be achieved because then everybody suffers.

Getting Specific in Goal Setting

Although the concept of setting goals in general is a great one to learn, which was explained in the previous steps, it helps to be able to set goals in specific areas of your life separately.

For example, if you want to better your career options, you will be setting goals that specifically cater to your career. Of course, career goals aren’t the only goals that most people are looking to set. Other areas of goals include:

• Relationships.

• Family.

• Health and fitness.

• Spiritual.

• Social / cultural.

Let’s take a look at all of the most common goals that you should consider and how best to go about each one.

What would be the point in learning how to set goals in general and not give specific examples and instructions on the most common goals that are set? We'll get started in the next section by asking what stops most folks from achieving what they want out of life?

Please click this link to go to the next step: What Stops Most People from Achieving What They Want Out Of Life?.

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